Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Smiling at Strangers

I've done my best to open my heart. There are so many opportunities in a day to make someone else's day, I can't help but look for those moments and execute them every chance I get. This is my goal, and as I discover how I can spread love, I run into green lights as well as road bumps.
It used to be that (at every reasonable opportunity) I would smile at all strangers. 
Recently, I feel like I've been broken of this. Everyone deserves love, light, and happiness, but some people have no boundaries and don't understand that a smile, a hug, or a complement is not an invitation to take advantage of the giver. Someone freely gives, others freely receive, and happiness is generated. Or so I thought. 

People have responded in many different ways when I smile at them. Some people have responded aggressively by honking, yelling, or swerving their cars at me. Some push it too far, thinking smiling means sex. Some get suspicious, thinking there is something I want from them, and that is why I am expressing kindness towards them. All of these reactions seem inappropriate to me, but that doesn't make them invalid. These people are reacting to what they think the hidden message behind the smile is, instead of being present and accepting.

It's hard for me to continue to smile at strangers now, because I am having a hard time being present myself and I fear an inappropriate reaction from the receiver(s). What I'm working on is setting up an energetic 'tone' to my presence, so I can freely give love with no expectations and not invite negative responses.
These are my opinions and hypotheses, feel free to leave yours on the comments below.